You Have Got To Be -@#%&!!!

So I have done as promised.

I went out and bought two very cool bamboo circular needles. One’s size is 0 and the other is size 2. The story behind how I ended up with these are actually short and pathetic so let me skip over that detail to tell you the thing that I wanted to talk about.

I hadn’t realized this at first, but it turns out that when I knit, I have a very tight gauge. Even when I want to keep things nice and loose, I always end up knitting too tightly.

And bamboo, my friends, I don’t think was meant to be pushed and prodded with as tight a gauge as I was knitting with.

Photo on 5-20-14 at 10.40 PM

That’s not me bending the needles, by the way. That’s me holding them up so that they do not fall apart completely.

Yes, I’ve actually snapped them in half.

I knew the exercise regime that my sister had me on was really building my muscles, but this wasn’t what I had expected!

Anyone else have a fun needle problem you’d like to share?


You know that feeling…?

Let’s talk one more time about…

Photo on 3-26-14 at 9.28 PM #2

A sock (or in this case, a pair of a specific socks).

Pretty, blue socks. Handcrafted by yours truly, all for the sake of becoming a better knitter than before in order to reach my goal.

I’ve heard the rumors.

In fact, I’m pretty sure that everyone who ever decide to make their own pair of socks runs into this problem. Yes, I’m talking about the one, the only…

Mismatched socks.

Photo on 3-26-14 at 9.28 PM #3

No, that’s not me holding the socks weird. That’s actually the size difference between the first sock I made (the one in the back) and the second one (the one in the front).

I’m not too sure how this happened (actually, I know exactly how it happened. It has to do with the fact that I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and ran for it without realizing that I just forwent about 1/2 an inch). But I know for a fact that a lesson has been learned.

Now, whether this lesson is:

  • I’m never going to knit socks again (unlikely)
  • I’m going to be more careful when using dpns (potential)


  • I’m going to wait until I get two circular needles to make another sock ever (possible)

I do not know.

But one thing for sure, I’m going to try some other knitting projects before giving socks another try. Build my confidence back up, if you will. After all, there’s not much in the world that kills an ego like mismatched socks.


There are many things in life that I can do. And then there are things that I cannot. I think it’s like that for most people, right? For instance, I can’t make a scarf to save my life. I can’t stick to a pattern that calls for me to just knit straight for anything more than 2 inches. And don’t even get me started on sitting still long enough to draw!

But then there are times like these where I feel like I can take on the entire world. I have finally finished my first sock ever.

Photo on 2-19-14 at 11.15 PM

Isn’t it adorable?

I used the amazing Silver’s Sock Class on top-down sock with four DPNs and bam!

I’ve always heard of horror stories about the heel and the gusset, but the hardest part for me was keeping my attention on the sock as I ribbed for longer than an inch and tried to knit the foot part. In fact, I actually had to go back and attach more to the ribbing, because I like longer socks and it was much too short for me. Unfortunately, my bind-off was a bit too tight…

At least I know it won’t fall off when I wear it, right?

Photo on 2-19-14 at 11.26 PM

All in all, I think it turned out pretty well… If you ignore the fact that I need to make the other pair.


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